January is one of my favorite months of the whole year. There is something about a New Year and all of the possibilities that come with it.

I am determined to make 2016 the most incredible year yet. As I think about the year ahead, I find myself creating a lot of goals. Goals for my career, my home, my friendships, my health, my marriage, and much more. However, instead of focusing on what I want to “change” or “lose” or “do less of” I am really trying to focus on happiness and what I can do “more of.”

Instead of focusing on the last 10-15 pounds I would like to lose, I am focusing on exercising “more” for my health. Because I genuinely enjoy spinning (and boxing! which is new and I want to explore more of). To eat more salads and greens, because even though I am not a fan of vegetables, I feel better when I eat them.

I want to read more books that inspire me. I want to creatively write more, because I am happiest when I am creative. I want to travel more and spend more quality time with my friends, family, and my husband. I want to be a better version of who I already am. Taking small steps every single day for my happiness and the happiness of others. Doing more of what makes me, me.

The energy of the New Year is contagious and I admit I also have a lot of lofty and specific goals for this year (and the next 5!) but that’s just my personality. So to keep me from being too “type A”, I want to focus more on”happiness” and finding happy moments in my every day, in the ordinary.

A friend of mine had a great idea for a 2016 “memory” jar. My husband and I decided that this year we are going to keep a memory jar, and we have already filled it with many little moments. From eating Chinese takeout on the couch while drinking expensive Champagne and watching movies (technically 12/31), to scoring a really important client for our business (right at the beginning of the year!), and a really fun early morning walk on the beach followed by a long afternoon nap and a fancy dinner out (a pretty perfect Saturday!)…

This year, in 2016, I want to work hard and take time to appreciate life. I want to enjoy every single day. To not be discouraged by the hard days, and not be swayed by the good ones. To appreciate each moment that makes my life, my life.

Happy New Year!


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