Current Obsession: Soft Sweaters

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It is rarely ever cold in Los Angeles. We are fortunate to have incredible weather that hardly ever dips below 60 degrees. Lately, though, it’s been pretty chilly and I needed to update my wardrobe accordingly.

 When I was shopping the after Christmas sales with my best friend, we discovered the most comfortable and softest sweater at Madewell. It didn’t hurt that it was an extra 40% off. We both purchased it instantly…in multiple colors. Madewell’s back-zip pullover sweater in utopian pine and antique cream are now staples in my wardrobe. I might be wearing it as I type this post…

Below are 3 more of my favorite sweaters from Madewell and beyond:

1.  Forever 21 Boxy Cable Knit Sweater (so affordable!)

2. Madewell Texturemix Pullover Sweater (my favorite is bright berry)

3. Blossom and Clover Cowl Neck Cable Sweater (ridiculously cozy!)

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