Lipstick Love


I have a serious addiction to lipstick and lip gloss. I have no idea why… but a new tube can seriously make my day. I have an embarrassing number in my collection and today I am going to share my top 10.


1. Tom Ford “Nude Vanille” – My all time favorite. I wore this on my wedding day under my favorite lip gloss {see below}. It is the perfect nude pink… and when I wear it I feel extra put together.

2. NARS Lipgloss “Istria” – The best pink gloss. Hands down. Not too “bubblegum” or in your face. Just the perfect pink gloss.

3. Topshop Lips in “Saint” – this is one of my all time favorites and it is only $12! I can’t find it online, but I hope it isn’t discontinued! I would have stocked up by the dozen. It is that great! I wore this color for my engagement photographs in October. The perfect shade of baby pink.

4. Chanel “Boy” – This is a really great lipstick. It feels and applies like a lip balm. The color is super rich and this is probably my favorite for everyday wear.

5. MAC “Ruby Woo” – I love this red. I still feel like I am playing “dress up” when I wear a color this bright, but I love the statement it makes.

6. Charlotte Tilbury K.I.S.S.I.N.G. lipstick “Penelope Pink” – A great shade that I like to wear with my favorite Charlotte Tilbury gloss in Seduction.

7.  Dior “Lip Glow” Always in my purse. I love that it brings out the natural color of my lips!

8. MAC “High Tea” – A beige-y pink. The perfect lipstick to take from work to happy hour.

9. Nars “Roman Holiday” – I think this was one of my first lipsticks! I distinctly remember purchasing this with my mom at Sephora when I was 16. I now purchase the Velvet Matte Lip Pencil version, but the lipstick is still great.

10. MAC “Snob”– This is such a fun bright pink. What I wear when I grab brunch or cocktails with my girlfriends.

I am aware that my “top 10” almost exclusively consists of “pink” and/or “nude pink” shades. I am not the most adventurous person when it comes to makeup… and shades of pink are what I am comfortable in. I am making an effort to break out of my comfort zone in the next few months. I plan on searching for Merlot / deep berry shades this fall. Any suggestions?

4 thoughts on “Lipstick Love

  1. I have a serious addiction to lipstick too! Love this post. Would be awesome if you could check out my latest post too xxxxx


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