I celebrated my 27th birthday last week and it was the best one yet! My friends, family, and husband went above and beyond to make me feel so unbelievably special. I am so excited for this upcoming year and am ready to make 27 the best year ever!

Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 10.15.08 AM


Travel: I am determined to travel more this year.  In addition to planned trips to Paris, Rome, and Florence, I would like to explore Austin, Chicago, Tokyo, and  plan a fun trip to Disney world! 

Help Others: I want to get more involved in one specific non-profit that is close to my heart. I also want to go out of my way to make my friends, family, and husband feel extra loved on a daily basis.

Prioritize Happiness: This year I want to love myself as I am, for who I am, and what I am doing. To define success by my own terms and stop caring what other people think.

Get Organized: I want to create a gallery wall in my home and order our wedding album and photos. I also want to do a big home organization/cleaning before the end of the year and de-clutter our space. 

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